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2 Bliss #4 $495-400 DEP 1BD,1BTH Now Showing...Near Union Ave. and Brundage Ln. Yard, Central 93307
1318 Pacific St $495-400 DEP 1BD,1BTH Now Showing...Bonus room Duplex, Trash Pd, Wtr Pd, East 93305
2325 Chester Ln. #B $550-500 DEP 1BD,1BTH Vacant after 5/5/17...Oleander Area Gardener, On-Site Laundry, Stv, Trash Pd, Wtr Pd, Central 93304
3400 N. Chester Ave #B $625-600 DEP 2BD,1BTH Now Showing A/C, HK-UPS, Stv, Wtr Pd, NOR 93308
108 Woodrow #B $625-600 DEP 2BD,1BTH Vacant after 5/17/17 NOR 93308
1920 D St $650-600 DEP 2BD,1BTH Coming Soon Den, HK-UPS, Stv, Located on the back side of the 20th St. front house Central 93304
2501 Olive St. #18 $795-700 DEP 2BD,2BTH Now Showing D/W, Gardener, Off St. Parking, On-Site Laundry, Stv, Townhouse, Central 93301
448 S Oildale Dr #B $795-700 DEP 3BD,2BTH Vacant after 5/7/17 HK-UPS, Patio, Stv, NOR 93308
3605 Rockford Ave. #A $925-900 DEP 3BD,3BTH Now Showing 2Story, D/W, Garage, HK-UPS, Stv, Townhouse, South West 93313
116 Hopkins #B $950-900 DEP 3BD,2BTH Coming Soon D/W, Garage, Gardener, HK-UPS, Patio, Stv, Wtr Pd, Central 93308
6812 Klamath #A $1025-900 DEP 3BD,2BTH Vacant after 5/7/17 2 Car Grg, D/W, Fireplace, HK-UPS, No Pets, Patio, Stv, Trash Pd, Wtr Pd, South West 93309
11906 Handel #4 $1095-1000 DEP 3BD,3BTH Now Showing...New Flooring 2 Car Grg, 2Story, A/C, D/W, Garage, HK-UPS, New Flooring, Off St. Parking, Patio, Stv, Trash Pd, Wtr Pd, Yard, North West 93312

*All specials are based on approval of credit*


1729 Oregon St. $750-700 DEP 2BD,1BTH Now Showing Fenced Area, Garage, HK-UPS, East 93305
2001 Quincy St $795-800 DEP 3BD,2BTH Vacant after 5/17/17...Large fenced yard 2Story, Cooler, Garage, Yard, East 93305
1508 Adena St $975-900 DEP 3BD,1BTH Now Showing...Near Pioneer and Morning Dr. Cvrd Prking, Yard, East 93306
3708 Caldwell $995-900 DEP 3BD,2BTH Now Showing...repairs and new floors pending Cooler, New Flooring, Pets OK, Stv, Yard, South West 93309
6021 Billabong $1025-1000 DEP 2BD,2BTH Vacant after 5/5/17 2 Car Grg, Fireplace, HK-UPS, Stv, Yard, South West 93307
1401 Clipper Hills Dr $1325-1000 DEP 4BD,2BTH Vacant after 5/14/17...Near Hosking & H st. D/W, Garage, New Crpt, Stv, South West 93307
6412 Hawk Creek $1350-1000 DEP 3BD,2BTH Now Showing A/C, D/W, Garage, HK-UPS, Stv, Yard, South West 93313
4013 Milo Ave. $1395-1200 DEP 3BD,2BTH Coming Soon - Pool w/ monthly service Pool, Garage, HK-UPS, Yard, Central 93313

*All specials are based on approval of credit*


2231 E. California Ave $1350-1200 DEP 0BD,0BTH 32,000 Sq Ft. Lot, Mechanic Pit, 30ft Gate,Storage Parking Central 93309
2409 Calloway $1495-1000 DEP 2BD,1BTH Nwly Rmdled, Zoned Commercial W a 1/2 acre lot North West 93308

*All specials are based on approval of credit*